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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Mark 1:14b-15 ~ The Kingdom of God +

Mark 1:14b-15

Jesus went into Galilee, proclaiming the good news of God. 15 “The time has come,” he said. “The kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!”

I was asked some time ago about what Heaven would be like facing Jesus.

This is a question we will all have eventually - what will our time to meet Jesus be like. One to think upon daily.

The Scripture tells us over and over - we will all go to Jesus. Every knee bows and every tongue will confess Jesus is Lord. Revelations tells us multitudes are in Heaven. Nations. Scripture tells us some will sleep for a thousand years. Scripture tells us some will face God immediately in the twinkling of an eye.

Jesus promised us life has problems. A few times God says life is a test.

I know a good woman who cried out to God her life was falling apart and to this woman of God, involved in Bible Studies - He spoke and she affirmed it was God. God said that she would change and admire success and the people of success. We told her decades ago that perhaps she had heard this wrong. She was adamant that this was God. And we found out that this was Psalm 50. God was not playing, He said Scripture to her,  we didn't even know was Scripture. We told her this must be a mistake. This is an extended family member of mine. And of course, this was God and what He spoke was true. Life can pull you way down without faith.


Scared straight. Rarely does this work. Love works far more. Jesus came to save the world and the balance is that no man had to tell Jesus what was in mankind.

God - we are finding out if you travel down the road and listen to the radio - is more thought about. When I grew up people would ask if you were a Christian and you'd reply with your denomination. Which like, all aspects of God, this was good because the television and the movies and books basically believed we believed God is Father and there is Heaven and Hell.

Today if you are asked if you are a Christian, if you say, "Yes, I am." You are thought to want to live this with some degree of determination. Which will annoy some immediately. Sadly, this also cause us to hunker down in our perspective comfort zones.

We seem to believe that we can improve ourselves to offer God reward for His death. That God is sad with us. Or disappointed we don't do more to pacify His death. Not even Mother Theresa could offer God her life of good works to say Jesus' death is warranted.

Jesus said He longs to put us under his wing and comfort us. He says He knows what is in mankind. He says we kill off the bringers of great truth. He says knowing us - He finds reason to want to save us.

Why would God find reason to save what is hateful, wrong or selfish in us? 

All things work together for God for those who Love God and work for His purpose.

God has limitless resources - we are give areas. Then those areas are in constant collision with good and with self, evil, comfort or ease. Attitudes that apparently are goodness and really are just an avenue to cover up. Growth requires effort.

Father God  gave me a story  to read once - He saw a child who was in love with family who gathered to share a meal. And the same child saw harsh conditions and harsh Christian attitudes and found it rather repulsive.  So the child formed attitudes that in her youth were snobbish rather than informed. She was unable to see the Love was the rebound capacity. Her world was rocked terribly and God gave her abilities. She thought material goods would cover the safety net. God gave her family and she spent time teaching material goods. Material goods left and she found harsh attitudes. God sent friends.  She picked harsher attitudes but kept those areas hidden.

We are given lots of resources, troubled resources, low resources, different resources to develop - who we are. 

But eventually we will find a day comes where we will answer to God for the things we have done, said, chosen, nourished and starved.

And I was asked will that hurt.

Why is the Universe so vast? Every word we have spoken will be revealed. Every thought brought to Light.

God tells us what He wears in Revelation - Light. As a garment. So the Light is gentle to God.
Will He condemn some who have called upon Jesus as Lord? He says so. I don't think there will be surprises for the failure to attain Heaven. Romans 1 says we know. Hearts, we are told, are known to us and to God. We know if we are in God's grace.

Will Judgment hurt?
Not as much if we begin each day and ask for Him to rest with us, asking God to keep our hearts open to Him. 

Not as much if we are in Constant Conversation with God.
Seeking His leadership and believing He does guide us.
Not so much if we do what we know God gives us the Joy, Privilege and Work to do.
Our own paths open up with forgiveness.
To speak honestly and to be merciful. Actions of Love.
To pray for one another.

To be open to the conversation. To want to study Revelation and the Scripture for what God says in His Word He gives us to understand is our life to God.

To diligently read the Word of God and ask how to apply that to - Today.
Jesus has told us He is the exact nature of God. Jesus came to bring us into God's Family. 
Jesus has never been recorded as sending away those who diligently and earnestly ask Jesus for His mercy, love and salvation. Jesus is about Saving us.

God is not about poses apparently that He likes. God is in earnest relationship. God would not abandon David's Kingdom when it was in success greater than King Solomon knew.  God saw that times and people needed Him.  The Temple? Never looked better. God knows what is what - will Judgment hurt? When we earnestly seek God - God is going to be there.

He Promises.

♔ Lord Jesus Saves!  †

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